I’m an aspiring author, working on four stories at the moment, all in various stages of development. I have a day job, so this site and my stories are worked on whenever I have time, whenever I can make time (not in that order). Most of my work is YA fantasy, which is basically where I live.

My very first story, poorly titled, “A Faerie Story,” is a young adult portal fantasy taking place (much of the time) at a boarding school in New England. I’ve been plugging away at it for years, and am currently working on the second draft.

My second story is a little darker–a dystopian NA novel I’m calling, “After the War” (because it takes place after the war). This one is still in first draft, and in first person.

“At the Sign of the Wolf” is a paranormal romance about a young woman trying to live her life and get through grad school when the sudden appearance of a shifter changes everything. Still in very early first draft, but fun, sexy, and very witchy.

…and you’ll get a description of the fourth book when it’s more than 2K words long!