Tea & Incubus

It’s literal tea. No gossip. *loses readers*

The other day I was doing my usual post-post (-post?) concert deal, wherein I binge  on my favorite tracks from the artist I just saw. This time, sipping  low caffeine tea instead of coffee. I’m trying to wean myself off of caffeine (again–so many times I’ve done this). I have not been sleeping so great lately, which is harder to work around the older I get. So I’m reducing caffeine, stuff that makes me anxious, stuff that stresses me out, and taking time off of work here and there to let my mind rest and do what grows me–like working on my WIP!

I’ve gotten off easy. I’ve been writing when the mood strikes me, when the muse is present, if you will. And for a few months, it was nearly every day. Not necessarily a lot of words, but something. Enough inspiration to fuel a sprint, or even 1,000 words in under an hour. Not too shabby.

But not lately. I haven’t written much for my WIP. Feeling stumped, I busted out over 2,000 words of a random fanfic, over half of it in one sitting. It’s not done yet, but it’s fun, but it’s also a diversion, one I’m allowing myself to take. I am my own worst critic and always the first to disallow fun for myself. Fuck that. I’ll finish it eventually, and post it one day on AO3 (under a pseudonym of course). It’s just nice to know that the muse hasn’t left me entirely.


And now the, “& Incubus” portion of the post! I saw them with the hubs on Sunday after not having attended one of their shows in more than 10 years. For more mediocre pics, and some iffy videos, check out my instagram. Our view was partially obscured so it’s pretty much the Ben and Brandon show (sorry, Jose, Chris, and Mike). They ended with a Ginuwine cover. No joke.


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