It’s about time

I’ve finally put my story in order! I’m not a chronological writer, meaning I didn’t start with chapter one and continue on writing each subsequent chapter in order. Ok, that’s not entirely true; I started with a prologue, and then kinda went from there to the next thing that popped into my head, exploring idea after idea, thought after thought, until a coherent story appeared. just not in chronological order. Thanks to the ease of drag and drop in Scrivener, I created a new manuscript and dragged everything from book one into it, placing each folder in order, rearranging as needed. I say “book one” because of my 87,000+ words, the first few chapters (omg, in order??) of book two as well, and a few thoughts from book three are included in that number.

Moving everything to a new document really helped. It was as close to starting fresh without having to completely start over as I can willingly get. I attended a YA author panel at DC Awesome Con once where one of the writers said, in all seriousness, “I usually write a draft, chuck it, start over, and the second one is the one I work with.” I damn near had a heart attack at her words. It’s taken me two years, 2 YEARS, to get to this point. The idea of throwing away two years worth of work is hideous to me.

I’d guess it’s different if you can pump out that many words in a shorter time span, (especially if you write full time) but I work full time. I simply cannot afford to do otherwise, not where I live. I wish I could. That’s basically the dream. Don’t get me wrong– I have a great job, I’m pretty lucky in that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have dreams. I know it wouldn’t be perfect, but the idea of being able to create, day after day, as opposed to after work-gym-errands-dinner, dredging up whatever energy I can muster to hope for a few hundred words. Using up most of my weekends to write (or to do what I’m doing now, which is actively avoiding it and complaining about it on my blog instead). To be fair, the idea of having weekends completely devoid of plans to just sit and write sounds lovely, so I hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend.

But for now, that’s what I have to work with. I’m hoping to have a draft worthy of my beta readers by the winter. The fact that I have beta readers already, so early on, is both heartwarming and scary as fuck. I have a lot of filling in to do, which is what I’m avoiding doing right now. Speaking of which, I should probably get on with that…


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